Eric Ananda is a Kenyan record producer who, since early childhood, has had a passion for music. He started to play the guitar at a very young age and, by the age of 6, added piano too. At age 9, he began to play the clarinet to join his school orchestra and gain the chance to expose himself to different genres of music.

In his teenage years came a broader scope as he explored a new interest in playing covers for songs by well-known bands such as Nickelback, Daughtry, and Lifehouse, among many others. Meanwhile, as his desire to pursue music further grew, Eric’s influence also expanded to hip-hop. There he has had the opportunity to interact with other like minds, some of which introduced him to another popular culture of music, EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

His first official release ‘Abode’ was released in 2015 under his alias Raejbass on Ensis Records. After its positive reception, it encouraged Eric to continue experimenting in different sectors of the electronic music scene, examples of which are marketing to label management. 

In late 2018, Eric decided to leave Raejbass behind and began releasing music under his legal name. 2020 welcomed more exposure for Eric, contributing to releases where he will be credited as a producer and songwriter instead of an artist. In early 2021, Eric released his debut EP ‘Drive’ and, most recently, is set to release his debut album ‘Sunsets and Daydreams’ this year and looks forward to coming opportunities that the rest of the year will bring.